Member service

Free Fm Car Music Tranmitter
with new membership worth 59.00

Can hold as many as 8000 songs

  • Membership fee of 14.99 Per/mth, saves hundreds
  • Add 9.99 per/mth for each addition PC
  • Unlimited support for all Internet and PC issue's
  • It's like an endless warranty
  • Browser Cleaning
  • Files Cleaning
  • Registry Cleaning
  • Optimizing PC Speed
  • Removing Unwanted Files
  • Back up solutions

    Unlimited Anti virus full support add 5.00 per/mth
  • Unlimited Backup offsite 5.00 per/mth
  • Unlimited all device support 5.00 per/mth

Service agreement


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Remote online Service

One time Service

  • Carry in price 49.00 per/hr

  • How many hours

On Site Service

  • Weekdays 69.00 per/hr

    • Enter how many hrs
  • Evenings and evenings 89.00 per/hr

  • How many hrs